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How will my dog ​​or cat manage the flap?

My dog or cat won't want to go through!

For a dog or cat, a dog flap or cat flap is much more than a toy: it means freedom, the ability to attend to its needs outside the "nest", extension of its territory, contact with the pet-friends in the neighbourhood, etc.

So if you have an animal that is a bit shy at first to use the pet door, show him that the door is a passageway, block his usual way and then be patient, give him time to figure out the possibilities for himself ... then it will be alright! We've already received a lot of tips & tricks from customers, be sure to read our blog about this.

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Can a cat or a little puppy go through a large dog flap too?

Sure! Our patented system of flap is designed to allow a small animal (puppy, cat, kitten) to pass through the flap because it only has to open the bottom slat while a large animal pushes the entire flap open. This was a very important step in the development of our pet flaps.

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Is there electronic access control via chips?

Tomsgates only builds durable dog and cat flaps. Access systems based on chips, batteries, sensors, rfid, ... don't have the same degree of durability and could quickly fail. 

What's more, those chip systems are not very pet-friendly. It's better to show your dog or cat by means of the closure flap that the flap is now shut.

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Will I end up with the neighbours' pets inside now?

Unlike other dog and cat flaps, ours are not transparent. This means that to an animal passing by, it doesn't clearly look like a passageway but rather a grate or such like. 

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Can burglars enter through my pet flap ?

A Tomsgates flap in the webshop is supplied as standard with a solid 2 cm thick closing flap with steel lock and handle. In addition, the flap is not transparent and does not attract attention like typical pet flaps do.


How will my pet flap be delivered ?

We deliver the package to bpost who cooperate with DHL and Postnl in some countries, for example in the Netherlands. Should the cat flap or dog flap arrive damaged or should there be any other problem or question regarding the delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will fix it immediately! If your door arrives damaged, we will replace it immediately. The carrier is automatically selected in our webshop.

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I didn't get what I expected !

If you receive something on delivery that differs from what you had in mind when ordering, please contact us immediately. We'll sort it out right away! If we do not find a solution that is right for you, we will of course reimburse you.

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Technical aspects 

Does a wooden flap need special maintenance?

Every animal has some grease on its coat and that can stick to the pet flap. This can be removed with simple soapy water. Should the pet door become a bit dry from the sun or rain after a while, you can sand it lightly and treat it with oil for wood.  Treat it once too often rather than too little, the wood will thank you and remain beautiful for a long time.

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My flap is broken!

Our dog and cat doors are durable, made to last for years. However, our rubbers and wood are natural products that can show defects. These material defects will occur within 2 years, which corresponds to the warranty period. We will then carry out the necessary repairs under guarantee. If there is a problem later on, please contact us as we will always look for a solution.

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What are the dimensions of the pet flaps?

You'll find all the dimensions here. Our pet door are standard-sized for doors up to 6 cm but are also available up to 15 cm. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions ! 

Dutch - For installation in doors

Dutch - For installation in walls

English - For installation in doors

English - For installation in walls

Can I install my pet flap myself?

Sure you can!                                              

You make the opening, slide the pet door in and secure it with 4 screws. We have provided some installation videos as a manual.                                              

What happens after I order an installation?

If you choose this option you will be contacted to make an appointment for our installer. The installer will come and install your pet door on the agreed day and hour, this takes about one and a half to two hours for an installation in a door and about five hours for an installation in a wall. 
We take construction waste with us, work with dust extraction and leave everything neat and tidy.  

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Can a pet flap also be installed in a wall?

Absolutely !

We have extensive experience in this as well as specialised equipment that enables us to work dust-free. This involves about three to four hours of work for us.

We also take the debris with us so everything is tidy afterwards.

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Can a hatch also be installed in glass?

We only recommend this with tempered glass (including insulated tempered glass). Keep in mind that glass can be subject to a lot of tension in glass (e.g. in winter when it is freezing outside and warm inside), so there is a high chance that ordinary glass would crack or shatter because of the opening of the pet flap.

It is also possible to replace part of the glass with a panel in which the pet flap can be installed or to install a pet flap through the wall.

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Is there a VAT benefit if I have my pet door installed?

That's right! In Belgium, under certain conditions, you can get a nice VAT advantage, Having your pet door installed will be very attractive!

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Delivery period Rubberwood 6 cm pet door for installation in doors and Nipper (S) oak shutters Delivery period other webshop products
Belgium Door: 18,75 euro + BTW
Wall: 32,14 euro +BTW

6 to 7 business days
11 to 12 business days
Switzerland, UK
Door: 25,89 euro + BTW
Wall: 41,07 euro + BTW

8 to 10 business days
11 to 13 business days
outside of the EU 65,00 euro
10 to 15 business days
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