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Do we install or will you do it yourself ?

Our fitting service

In Belgium, it is our own employees who install the Tomsgates pet doors. In the Netherlands, Norway and Great Britain we organize the installation for you with our local partners.   So we guarantee the service and quality. 

We install our dog and cat doors in walls and doors. An installation in a door takes about 2 hours, an installation in a wall will take about 5 hours. 

We are punctual, work with dust extraction, take the demolition waste materials with us and leave everything neat and tidy. The price is determined in advance, no settlement afterwards. If you have a VAT benefit (see below), we will refund the excess VAT paid within 14 days of installation.

"Very pleased! 
Quick response to my mails and a quick  
and smooth placement of our dog flap." 
Hanne    10/10    24/12/2018    

Dog flap | Dog door | Cat flap | Cat door | Installer at a customer | © Tomsgates

An installation in the picture

Ordering the installation in 4 steps 


Choose your dog flap or cat flap in our online shop


Choose the pet door that suits your dog or cat, choose whether you want to have a pet door through a door or through the wall and choose the finishing. 


When you order the pet door, select the installation service

You can immediately see how much the installation costs for the pet door you have chosen. VAT rebates will be refunded after installation. 


We will make you a proposal for installation date and time

Once you have placed your order, we will immediately look for a slot in the planning for you and agree on a date with you.


We install the pet door, take debris with us and leave everything neat and tidy.

If a VAT benefit has to be refunded, we will ask you to sign a certificate after the installation of the the pet door and the difference will be refunded.

VAT advantage if your dog door or cat door is being installed by our service - in Belgium only !

How much ?

Because of this VAT advantage you pay 176€ for the installation of a pet flap in a door on top of the price of the pet door without installation in our webshop. You pay for a pet flap in a wall 286€ on top of the price of the flap without installation in our webshop.

Terms and conditions ?

The dog flap or cat flap must be installed in Belgium in a residence that has been in use for more than 10 years. The residence is fully or mainly used for private purposes and the customer is the owner, tenant or usufructuary of the residence.

So how does it work ?

In our webshop you pay the full 21 pct VAT when ordering. After installation you will receive a refund of the overpaid VAT within 14 days. The VAT benefit can only be granted when you sign the certificate that your property meets the conditions. Our installer will take this certificate with him when installing the pet door so that you can sign it.

Do-It-Yourself installation

Since 2013 we have been installing our doors and we want to do this as easily and efficiently as possible. In the design of our pet doors, particular attention has been paid to the installation-friendliness that can also be enjoyed by the self-installer. Installing our pet flaps is therefore a nice project for every do-it-yourselfer, see below our tips & tricks, installation movies and download the step-by-step plan. 

Have fun and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions during the installation. 

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Tips & Tricks

Dog flap | Dog door | Cat flap | Cat door | Installation template for a dog door or cat flap in a door or in a wall | © Tomsgates

The installation template

Each pet door has an installation template made of sturdy cardboard with a protective border. Follow the dashed line for cutting out the hole in the door or making the opening in the wall.  The extra cardboard protective border will help you to keep the door or wall free of machine scratches. 

The exact position of the pet door 

Once you have measured where you want to place the pet flap, first drill a hole through the door or wall. Then you can measure in detail whether the pet flap ends up exactly where you want on the inside as well as on the outside. Measure twice, then saw or cut. 

Wind & Waterproof

If the pet door is installed, seal on the outside with silicone between the frame and the door or wall. You will see that the outside frame is already equipped with a swell band to ensure a good connection but that is the second protection. The first one is your kit joint. Then you can be sure that no wind or water can penetrate through the mounting opening. For wall pet doors, it is advisable to seal the edge of the inner wall with PU foam so that no wind can get in from the cavity.  

Paint first, then install

If you have bought a natural finished pet door that you wish to paint, paint it in before installing it. After all, painting is easier at a worktable than on your knees in front of the door or wall.

Videos and manuals for self-installation

Installation in a door

Assembling the pet door for walls